An entertainment experience that will make you want to stay home.

A great home theater system is more than just a huge screen and spectacular speakers. It's also an artful mix of acoustics, furnishings, lighting, and architecture that creates an unmistakable environment. As Cape Cod's premier home theater installation team, New England Home Automation can provide the experience only a cutting edge home theater system can deliver.

With full video and audio distribution throughout the entire home, you can enjoy the big game in one room without interrupting the activities in the rest of the house. You can also broadcast multiple channels at once on multiple screens, so you don’t miss any on-field action. The video intercom system can automatically appear on-screen, alerting you when guests arrive or when dinner is ready. Here are some of the things we can do for your home entertainment experience.

  • Detect when a movie ends and signal the lights to turn on

  • Automatically turn your TV on if you want to stream video or audio content from your phone using Apple AirPlay or UPnP technology

  • Turn off the TV if you fall asleep while watching a movie or if you leave it paused for too long

  • Display all the movies that you digitally own without any form of manual cataloguing of your library

  • Activate a masking system on high-end cinema systems to alter the shape of your projection screen

  • Detect when a movie starts and set the scene by automatically dimming the room lights